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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another cool post from our guest blogger CeCe:

Hello all I hope you are having a fantastic week so far and we are getting very close to Thanksgiving! So this week I would like to talk about your puppy or adult dog's diet! Diet is a very important part of you dogs day to day life so it is important to know what you are giving to your dog and what should be in a dogs diet and since it is getting closer to Thanksgiving I know a lot of dog owners love to spoil their dogs with yummy food for their Thanksgiving treat so I will go over some foods that are ok and some that are hazardous to their health!
First, it is very important to have your dog on a good healthy diet. The reason for this is because your dogs diet can also affect your dogs behavior! For example, if your dog has too much aggression then he/she may be getting too much protein in his/her diet so it may be beneficial to have them on a low protein diet. Another example is your dog is constantly itchy and scratchy yet they are on flea and tick meds and have just been bathed but it continues so you take them to the vet and they give him/her a good clean bill of health. Well it could be your dogs diet. Some dog foods can be deceiving as advertising themselves as being made with "Real Chicken" yet if you read the labels carefully you will see they yes it is made with chicken but it is made with "Chicken by meal product" which means that is the beak, feet, and all the stuff that has no nutritional benefit for your pup and is the cheapest possible method to say that is made with "Real Chicken". You must also watch out for a lot of "fillers". Fillers are things like corn, corn meal, gluten and wheat, soy, etc. These type of ingredients you should watch out for! A lot of times if you have an overly itchy dog and have ruled everything out your dog may be having a reaction to the fillers in the food! Instead you want to look at food with the first ingredient as "Chicken", "Lamb", "Beef", and so on. You also have the option of getting grain free dog food.  If you have any question on what your feeding your dog you can go online to and take the true blue test. Blue buffalo is one of the highest ranking dog foods out there a long with Taste of the Wild, and many more. You know the saying "you get what you pay for" this is especially true when it comes to your dogs diet. Giving your dog a good diet can also help prolong your dogs life span! So make sure you do your research and find out what your feeding your beloved family member!
Since Thanksgiving is almost here I would like to go over some foods that is ok to give your dog and what is not ok.
Foods that are ok are:
- Peanut butter
- Cooked chicken (never cooked poultry bones, only raw)
- Cheese
- Baby carrots
- Yogurt
- Salmon
- Pumpkin
- Scrambled egg (or hard boiled, but no more than 1 per day)
- Green beans
- Apple Slices (note that apple seeds are harmful for your dog)
- Oatmeal
These are just a few of the human food that you can give to your dog but remember to try them in small amounts.
Hazardous food are:
- Chocolate
- Onions
- Grapes
- Raisins
- yeast dough
- Artificial sweeteners
- Macadamia nuts
- Avocadoes
- Alcohol
- Coffee
Remember before giving your dog any people food, do your research to make sure it's safe! Consult your veterinarian if you have any questions on what is safe and what is harmful. Also, if you would like to feed your dog scraps or something special make sure you give it to him/her in their food bowl so that they do not learn to beg at the table or learn to beg for people food. I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog and next week I will begin to blog about my progress with training my own German Shepherd puppy Emery a Sophie/Huey pup from Rosehall German Shepherd Kennel! I will be writing and recording video's of my ups and downs with training Emery as a Service Dog starting as a puppy! So make sure you join me next week! :)
CeCe's Kool K-9
Rosehall Shepherds has been given permission by CeCe's Kool K-9 to post to their websites.

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